Expert Committee

Expertising is the process where experienced collectors assess and give their opinion regarding the accuracy of assessments of stamps, stationery and postal history items. This results in a certificate recording the outcome of that assessment.


Several of your stamps may have sufficient potential value and uncertainty as to their detailed description, so that it could be worthwhile obtaining further opinions as to their description. It may be that you are thinking of buying or selling at auction where the value realised will depend on the accuracy of the description. Alternatively you may wish to have greater confidence as to exactly what an item is in your collection.

RPSV Service

Recognising the need of member and non-member collectors and dealers to have expert opinions confirming stamp descriptions, the RPSV set up an Expert Committee in 1949 that has been in continuous operation since. The Committee is formed of several members of the RPSV who draw support where necessary from external experts in specific areas.

Postage and revenue stamp, postal history and postal stationary of:

can all be assessed. If in doubt please contact the Secretary of the Committee.


The application form that should accompany all submissions is available and should be read thoroughly and completed before making a submission. Download application form.

It is recommended that items be sent to the Committee by Registered Mail.
Postage costs in both directions are the responsibility of the submitter.

Charges for numbered and signed certificates, each bearing an image of the item, are currently $100 per certificate. Members can submit one item per Financial year without charge. On occasion the Committee may decide that the item does not justify a certificate, in which case a handling fee of $70 is charged. The Committee reserves the right to decide where certificates are issued. Wherever possible the submitter is contacted/advised about any decision not to issue a certificate.