Syllabus 2017

January 2017

3 (Tue) No daytime meeting
11 (Wed) No Postal History meeting
19 (Thu) 8pm Meet your Council: Six Sheet Display by Council members
28 (Sat) 2pm Library afternoon

February 2017

7 (Tue) 1pm Ian Sadler – Japan Conquest and Defeat in WWII
8 (Wed) 7.45pm Postal History Group
16 (Thu) 8pm Julie Marshall FRPSV: The Postal History and Classic Stamps of Nepal
25 (Sat) 2pm Library afternoon

March 2017

7 (Tue) 1pm John Boykett FRPSV: Favourite Treasures
8 (Wed) 7.45pm Postal History Group
(16 Thu) 8pm Nancy Gray – Australian KGV Postal Stationery Envelopes
25 (Sat) 2pm Library afternoon
30 (Thu) 7pm 125th Anniversary Open Night – Members, guests and visitors welcome

April 2017

4 (Tue) 1pm Gary Brown FRPSV: Natal Postal Stationery
12 (Wed) 7.45pm Postal History Group
20 (Thu) 8pm Bob Hillman: The Era of change – Victoria’s Early postal markings (1840-1860)
30 (Sat) 2pm Library afternoon

May 2017

2 (Tue) 1pm Michael Barden FRPSV: Belgium
10 (Wed) 7.45pm Postal History Group
18 (Thu) 8pm Ronnie Winchester: Victorian Registered Mail 1849-1913
27 (Sat) 2pm Library afternoon
Annual Competition entries to be lodged with Secretary by 18 May 2017

June 2017

6 (Tue) 1pm Graham Allison: Rotary
14 (Wed) 7.45pm Postal History Group
15 (Thu) 8pm Society’s Annual Competition
24 (Sat) 2pm Library afternoon
29 (Thu) 8pm Geoff Kellow RDP, MAP, ARP, LMRPSV, FRPSL: Sierra Leone QEII issues

July 2017

(4 Tue) 1pm John Shawley FRPSV, FRPSL: British Africa – Mauritius, Nyasaland
12 (Wed) 7.45pm Postal History Group
20 (Thu) 8pm Charles Bromser MAP, FRPSV: WWII Propaganda Leaflets (Invite a friend night)
29 (Sat) 2pm Library afternoon

August 2017

1 (Tue) 1pm Marjorie Crawford FRPSV: Modern Great Britain
9 (Wed) 7.45pm Postal History Group
17 (Thu) 8pm Gary Watson FRPSV: Australia WWII to overseas destinations
26 (Sat) 2pm Library afternoon
31 (Thu) 8pm Tony Presgrave FRPSV, FRPSL: South Australian Departmen
Nominations for 2017-18 Council to be lodged with Secretary by 17 August 2017

September 2017

5 (Tue) 1pm John Garlick: “Rated R”
13 (Wed) 7.45pm Postal History Group
21 (Thu) 7.30pm 125th Annual General Meeting 8pm Retiring President’s Display
30 (Sat) 2pm Library afternoon

October 2017

3 (Tue) 1pm Gary Diffen: Australians in WWI
11 (Wed) 7.45pm Postal History Group
19 (Thu) 8pm Ron Winchester: The King George VI issues of Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika
28 (Sat) 2pm Library afternoon

November 2017

8 (Wed) 7.45pm Postal History Group
14 (Tue) 1pmBill Jenkins FRPSV: Victoria
16 (Thu) 8pm Graeme Hayward FRPSV: GB Postal History – A few of my favourite things
25 (Sat) 2pm Library afternoon
30 (Thu) 8pm Australia Post: Philatelic Archival Collection Extracts

December 2017

5 (Tue) 1pm Members’ Six Sheets
13 (Wed) 7.45pm Postal History Group
21 (Thu) 7.30pm President’s Social Evening Members are invited to bring a guest
30 (Sat) Library NOT open>