Syllabus 2009

January 2009

12 (Mon) 5.30p.m.: Library night
15 (Thu) 8p.m.: Meet Your Council: six sheet display by Council Members
29 (Thu) 8p.m.: Graham Hayward: “Britain to the World for 2 1/2d”
31 (Sat) 2p.m.: Library afternoon

February 2009

3 (Tue) 1p.m.: Daytime meeting
9 (Mon) 5.30p.m.: Library night
11 (Wed) 7.45p.m.: Postal History Group
19 (Thu) 8p.m.: Gary Watson: Ceylon WW2 – “The War! What War?”
28 (Sat) 2p.m.: Library afternoon

March 2009

3 (Tue) 1p.m.: Daytime meeting
9 (Mon – Labour Day) 5.30p.m.: Library night
11 (Wed) 7.45 p.m.: Postal History Group
19 (Thu) 8.00 p.m.: Arthur Gray (NSW): Australia KGVI Definitives
(No Council meeting – Dinner at 6pm)
28 (Sat) 2 p.m.: Library afternoon

April 2009

7 (Tue) 1 p.m.: Daytime meeting
8 (Wed) 7.45 p.m.: Postal History Group
13 (Easter Monday) 5.30 p.m.: Library night
16 (Thu) 8 p.m.: Society Publication Launch – The Half-Lengths of Victoria: The Stamps and Postal History 1850-59 by John Barwis and Rod Moreton; Display: Michael Blake (SA): “Anzac-The Great Australian Legend”
(No Council meeting-Dinner at 6pm)
18 (Sat) 10am-3 p.m.: Society Open Day and Bourse
Members, guests and visitors welcome.
25 (Sat – Anzac Day) 2p.m.: Library afternoon
30 (Thu) 8p.m.: Ben Palmer (NSW): Victoria Postal History Pre UPU
(No Council meeting-Dinner at 6pm)

May 2009

5 (Tue) 1p.m.: Daytime meeting
11 (Mon) 5.30p.m.: Library night
13 (Wed) 7.45p.m.: Postal History Group
21 (Thu) 8p.m.: Alan Grey: British New Guinea and Papua 1891-1942
Annual Competition entries to be lodged with Secretary.
30 (Sat) 2p.m.: Library afternoon

June 2009

2 (Tue) 1p.m.: Daytime meeting
8 (Mon – Queen’s Birthday) 5.30p.m.: Library night
10 (Wed) 7.45p.m.: Postal History Group
18 (Thu) 8 p.m.: Society’s Annual Competition
27 (Sat) 2p.m.: Library afternoon

July 2009

(Please note altered Thursday evening meetings during Stampshow)
7 (Tue) 1p.m.: Daytime meeting
8 (Wed) 7.45p.m.: Postal History Group
13 (Mon) 5.30p.m.: Library night
16 (3rd Thursday) No evening meeting
23-26 (Thu to Sun) Stampshow Melbourne 2009, National Philatelic Exhibition at National Tennis Centre
23 (4th Thu) 8p.m.: Evening Social and Philatelic meeting in conjunction with Stampshow – Australia Post (Richard Breckon): Postal Archival Collection Extracts
25 (Sat) 2p.m.: Library afternoon
30 (5th Thu) No evening meeting

August 2009

4 (Tue) 1p.m.: Daytime meeting
10 (Mon) 5.30p.m.: Library night
12 (Wed) 7.45p.m.: Postal History Group
20 (Thu) 8p.m.: Gary Brown: South Africa Protea Definitives
Nominations for 2009-10 Council to be lodged with Secretary
25 (Sat) 2p.m.: Library afternoon

September 2009

1 (Tue) 1p.m.: Daytime meeting
9 (Wed) 7.45p.m.: Postal History Group
14 (Mon) 5.30p.m.: Library night
17 (Thu) 7.30p.m.: 117th Annual General meeting; 8p.m.: Retiring President’s Display
25 (Sat) 2 p.m.: Library afternoon

October 2009

6 (Tue) 1p.m.: Daytime meeting
12 (Mon) 5.30p.m.: Library night
14(Wed) 7.45p.m.: Postal History Group
15: (Thu) 7.30p.m.: Malcolm Groom (Tas): Tasmanian Pictorials
29 (Thu) 8 p.m.: Joint Display: Adrian Michell: “Trouble in the Balkans”; Joe Edwards: Papua and New Guinea Between the Wars
31 (Sat) 2p.m.: Library afternoon

November 2009

9 (Mon) 5.30p.m.: Library night
10 (2nd Tue) 1p.m.: Daytime meeting
11 (Wed) 7.45p.m.: Postal History Group
19 (Thu) 8p.m.: Richard Breckon: “Private Postcards in Australia 1895-1959 – Aspects of Mail Usage”
28 (Sat) 2p.m.: Library afternoon

December 2009

1 (Tue) 1p.m.: Daytime meeting
7 (Mon) 5.30p.m.: Library night
9 (Wed) 7.45p.m.: Postal History Group
17 (Thu) 7.30 p.m.: President’s Social Evening, Members are invited to bring a guest
26 (Sat – Boxing Day) Library not open
31 (Thu – New Year’s Eve) No evening meeting