Purves House

Following the example of the Royal Philatelic Society London and the Collectors Club of New York, the Society decided on the acquisition of its own premises as essential for the development of its activities. This resulted in the purchase of its first home, at 6 Avoca Street, South Yarra, and its opening in March 1957.

Progressively, however, it became apparent to all members interested in the future of the Society that the time had come to move to premises more suited to our current needs. We sold 6 Avoca Street, South Yarra and in April 2004 the Society took possession of new premises at 303 High Street, Ashburton. After extensive re-modelling the building was opened on the 16th of October 2004 and named ‘Purves House’ in honour of the late J.R.W. Purves, a distinguished member of the Society for many years. The new premises offer excellent facilities for its members, our elderly members now having proper access to the premises and to both floors. In particular the library is now housed on one floor in conditions suitable for research.

The Council is continually seeking ways to improve and expand the services that the Society offers its members and philately generally and is always ready to take on board new ideas or projects that members may suggest. The Society looks forward to its future in its new premises with the utmost confidence.