The Philatelic Society of Victoria was founded in 1892 and since then has been the leading philatelic society in the country. In 1946 His Majesty King George VI conferred upon the Society the privilege of the prefix ‘Royal’. It was the first Australian philatelic society to receive that proud honour.

Fourteen Australians have received world philately’s supreme honour of having their names entered on the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists and nine of them have been prominent members of this Society:

1921 – D.H. Hill (Foundation Signatory)
1924 – W.R. Rundell
1928 – A.J. Derrick
1937 – J.R.W. Purves
1946 – Rev. J. Mursell
1969 – H.M. Campbell
1976 – John Gartner
1987 – R.T.P. Chapman
1992 – Peter JaffĂ©
2009 – Dr. G.N. Kellow
2011 – Raymond Todd OAM

Attention has always been paid to the collecting side of the hobby, but it is on the educational side of philately that the society continues to place the greatest emphasis.

The Society has always been and continues to be at the forefront in sponsoring philatelic exhibitions. It held the first exhibition in Australia in 1894, was the originator of AUSIPEX 84, Australia’s first World Philatelic Exhibition, and sponsoring the publication of outstanding philatelic works by Australian and overseas authors.

The Society has owned its own building for over 50 years. In 2003 it purchased, and after substantial re-modelling, moved into Purves House at 303 High Street, Ashburton.

The facilities in this new home enable the Society to provide a wide range of benefits for its members in modern and comfortable conditions. All meetings of the Society are now held at Purves House.