Forthcoming Publications 2013

Date: 20 January 2013
Author: RPSV

The RPSV is publishing Queensland Postage Stamps, 1879-1912, Specimen Stamps of Victoria and an updated and edited version of The Chapman Collections of Australian Commonwealth Stamps – Kangaroo and Map Issues in 2013.

Queensland Postage Stamps, 1879-1912

By Kenneth F. Scudder, FRPSV

A comprehensive study of all Queensland surface-printed issues from 1879 to 1912, including the 1881 Chalon Head Lithgraphed high values, and the 1882 Bradbury Wilkinson Chalon Heads, as well as the duty adhesives of the same period.

These neglected issues are full of much philatelic interest, with all the designs from 1882 onwards being derived from a single 2d steel die engraved by Bradbury Wilkinson. The author traces the techniques used to develop these designs from the original 1882 Shaded Background type, through issues with a White Background, the ‘2-Numeral’ and 4-Numeral’ issues. All stamps are dealt with comprehensively, with full details of the ‘Types’ used to make-up the printing plates (all illustrated), the printings made, exhaustive lists of plate flaws, and the essays and proofs. There is also a new look at the famous ‘2-Numeral’ 6d Green.

There are chapters dealing with the 1899 ‘Small’ ½d, the 1900 Charity issue, and the 1903 Commonwealth design, as well as Papers and Perforations, and the Specimen overprints.

The result of many years’ work, this new volume is one of the most important new books on Australian Colonial stamps for many years.

400 A4 pages with over 100 in colour.

Specimen Stamps of Victoria

By Geoffrey Kellow, Russell Turner and William McCredie

The SPECIMEN overprints and handstamps of Victoria are the most complex of all the Australian Colonies, with more than thirty different types recorded. The authors have combed all available private and institutional sources to produce this volume; listing not only postage stamps, but also postal stationery, revenue stamps, railway freight stamps, and postal notes. Check lists are provided listing all stamps found with each overprint type, together with a census of the examples recorded.

For most types every different stamp is illustrated, including material from the Australia Post National Philatelic Collection, the British Library and the Royal Philatelic Collection.

Additional chapters deal with Victorian stamps provided for U.P.U. distribution, and the receiving handstamps found on these, and the cancelled-to-order stamps both for presentation and sale to collectors.

100 A4 pages in full colour.

The Chapman Collections of Australian Commonwealth Stamps – Kangaroo and Map Issues

The Chapman book was originally published to coincide with Australia 99. At the time the Chapman Collection was regarded as one of the finest Commonwealth Collection ever formed. Australia Post now owns the Chapman Collection.

This edition republishes the section on the Kangaroo and Map stamps. Corrections have been made to the text and some 100 new colour scans have been made of the stamps. It is issued to coincide with Australia 2013 whose theme is the Centenary of Kangaroo Stamps.

250 A4 pages in full colour.

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